Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Inner Spirit that Speaks to Us - when we Listen

On the fifth anniversary of my Dad's passing, 

I would like to share a significant and most remarkable sequence of
events and experiences with you...

on monday 8/22, I had met with a friend/colleague to
review and explore with her, several of my recent dreams...

Since the beginning of the year i had been meeting for this purpose
at her office... however, on this particular occasion, and for no 'apparent' reason, on a whim...
i requested to meet her at her home
(which is over twice the distance from me than her office would have been --
where i usually meet her when discussing my dreams....)

In fact, on the drive over to her home
I kept chiding myself for making such a decision that would take me so 'out-of-the-way'
and be more time-consuming! "Why did i DO that?" I wondered.

She lives right on the Puget sound, so
after our dream interpretation meeting,
on a "whim" - instead of getting into my car, i  walked
a few yards further and
i went and sat on the 'ocean wall' just a half block from  her place -
to reflect, to BE...

as i sat and looked out at the 'ocean' - i saw a small motor boat -
similar to the sort of boat my father
enjoyed as a child and adolescent on the long island sound.
as i sat and watched a distant 'figure' in a small boat out on the Sound -
some sort of "fantasy" or "vision" began to transpire...

>>>    in the boat was a young boy...    he motored
over to the shore
- i went to the water's edge to meet him - he looked
like my father at around age 9 or 10 y.o. 
I asked him his name.
He said, "David".  (Which is also my father's name).
I asked him his birthday.  he said
"December 4"...(my father's birthday)... I asked him
what year he was born...  he told me "1917"  (my
father's year)...

he told me that he 'wouldn't be meeting me like this
for much longer' -
he said that,
soon / instead,
he would be meeting me at 'nighttime' (like in my dreams)...

interesting... the whole exchange was so
matter-of-fact on my part -- 
i didn't ask ANY curious questions, which would be my typical reaction...
like: why or how is this happening... ?   
i did say
that i'd be sad if i wouldn't be meeting him, here, any more,
that i would like to see him in the daylight...
but, he said: not much longer - however,
that we would meet at night...

i did cry, intermittantly, sitting there on the sea wall...  yet,
interestingly, in the vision, that
'part' of me was Not sad...

On Wednesday, 24th, i received word that my father
left his body, passed away... two days AFTER
this 'vision' had occurred...

I learned from my mother during that weekend of his funeral, that
it was on Monday,  22nd that
he 'suddenly' took a turn for the 'worst'...
this was the same day i sat on the seawall and received the vision -

and, now, i'm so glad
that i had and
FOLLOWED my illogical
'whim' to meet my friend
at her house by the water - and after the meeting
i'm grateful that i followed the whim to Sit on the seawall
rather than
just get in my car and leave!  ... you know...the 'on-to-the-next-have-to-event' routine...

    as in how we typically feel pushed and pulled...

these choices came from a very subtle place...
i had to be open or i would have totally missed it !

the final amazement was when, at home that weekend, i was looking through all
the many photos of my dad, from his childhood on through adulthood - and,
there in the midst of the massive pile of photos
was a black & white photo image of my father as a young boy -
     he was sitting in a small outboard motored dingy
    on the waters of the long island sound....
    and, he was around the same age as the boy who showed up in my vision -

I find the whole experience quite remarkable!

 i'm learning about Being present - paying
Attention - Listening...
and most importantly,
Not shrugging off or dismissing impressions
                                          just because they don't 'make sense' to my so-called rational left-brain thinking

Perhaps my experience will inspiring your sharing of your own experience with (inner) Listening -
          i welcome your posting...

or, inspire to Listen, inwardly for your own experience...



  1. Thank you for sharing this, Nancy. It is
    significant as I believe dreams and visions serve as a guide to the future. We may not understand them, but there is usually some tangible element that that shows up later in our waking life and serves as bridge between the past and the future.
    Well written!

    - Deb

  2. Thank you for your story, Nancy.

    Since my husband's passing last Jan., I have become more tuned in to inner promptings. One example, Archie was born deaf so had never heard music. He was always curious about it, however. After he died, I found myself listening to a lot more music than was my habit. Then it occurred to me suddenly, that Archie was listening through me. Although he is not Deaf in his new world, he also does not have human ears.
    Another time while sharing music with him, my mind wandered. The music became background and I suddenly realized that he could not "hear" it as well when my attention was not fully given.
    My gift to him is to hear the music. His gift to me is to really listen to it.


  3. i appreciate your lovely sharing of your personal experience - a valuable reminder of the Invisible World right in our midst - which we typically forget about. your other comment on giving Attention is remarkable... a Gift... thanks for taking the time to share...

  4. It was a dark & stormey night; driving all night thru the catskills. It was snowing out and I was listening to classical music to calm myself on this long drivehome. My father is dying. My heart is breaking into little pieces.
    All of a sudden a deep voice cames on the radio saying "the greatest gift God can give you...then a long silence!
    Why care I had lost my belief in God due to my father suffering from LouGriegs.
    But for some reason this seemed important.
    What seemed like a very long time...the voice came on again saying "The greatest gift God can give you...... silence. What was happening?
    I must be either losing the radio station or my mind.Finally the voice repeated "The greatest gift God can give you is.......Peace of Mind."
    At home I was able to help give my Dad peace of mind before he died. Many dieing persons have a unfullfilled wish. In my Dads case he just wanted to make sure someone would "take care your Mother". So I never forget the need we each have for that "Peace of Mind" message.
    Thanks Nancy for giving me the chance to remind myself of the message sent from the spirits. NH

  5. dear NH... my gratitude for your sharing your heart-felt experience... LouGriegs & Alzheimer's are such frightful illnesses... your 'story' on Peace-of-Mind... and how we can 'be there' for each other ... most poignant... thank you for taking the time... My hope is that through this venue, we remind ourselves AND each other..

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  7. I was deeply touched by the way you honored your father and your relationship with him on the anniversary of his passing.
    I remember you telling me of your experience of the boy in the sailboat and your father's message to you. I'm grateful for hearing it again so
    that I can share in honoring your father and your intuition, which, led you to that priceless moment with your father.