Friday, August 13, 2010

Thoughts are Things

These three issues have been weighing on my mind mind, today--as the news presents a regular repeat of the weather horrors occurring in Pakistan, China and Russia. Thousands of people suffering in ways I can't even imagine--I prevent myself from imagining--with the flooding in Pakistan & China, Human Beings like you and me -- losing Everything and then many getting dreadfully sick. And, the crazy wildfires in Russia making it prohibitive for people to even get a decent Breath of Air.

Why am I writing this? As I hear this news while I'm driving to wherever in my car, I don't know what to do with this information. I find myself not wanting to think about what I just heard. I want the words to trail away into some other conversation that won't sit so heavily on me. But, then... a thought occurred to me...
   'what if I get myself Present in This moment, Feel my heart - and make a wishful prayer of Love, of Well- wishing, of Help for all those caught in these dire, desperate conditions'.

Although my so-called 'logical' left brain "knows"--because it has 'heard'-- that thoughts are things ...  nevertheless, my 'rational' left brain wants to scoff at me... 'that's ridiculous', that part wants to say... 'how could your measly little thought make any difference in such dreadful circumstances?'

But my right brain that connects with my heart wants to believe that Thoughts are Things ... and that if enough individuals held firmly to the intention to send Wishful prayers of Love and Help...  I want to believe that this Effort of Intention can matter on our Mother Earth.

With all the pain and suffering in the world, today... it's rather staggering - even here in our own country with the troubled economy - what would happen if I consistently make a mental/emotional effort of Wishful Prayer...when I hear of tragedy... or even sirens in my own neighborhood --  instead of being too preoccupied with my own momentary thoughts or plans?  I realize that this is by no means a new thought--however, it is one with which I struggle. And, just knowing that like-minded & hearted others are holding this Intention - that I'm not alone in this wish, gives me Wish...

Will you join me?  I would be honored to hear your thoughts & experiences in this venture...


  1. I share your feelings of the importance of our thoughts and intentions. There's a sea of bad news. There's another sea of joy, goodness and positive outcomes. I'll work to head in that direction, finding time for gratitude as good things come my way.

  2. i appreciate your visit & taking the time to share your impressions, deverick :) I value your addressing of 'Gratitude'. Offering Gratitudes helps me feel grounded in all i am blessed in receiving. Just as with Light and Dark, i find it of value to hold my heart open to the joys And the pains in the world... because i feel such Gratitude for the life, location & means with which i am blessed... Thank you for your thoughtful comments...

  3. This is a good reminder of how we are all connected and how we can take action, even in the seamingless smallest of ways. Thank you Nancy for sharing.

  4. Beautiful! I heard a message from a Buddhist once; he compared humanity to a vine. We are all connected. Because of this connection, we share in each other's pain and carry part of the burden. We also share in each other's joy.



  5. in the past few days as i hear sirens sounding in the streets - i am remembering my intention to send Love into the Need in the moment of hearing these sounds - whatever i am in the midst of ... i send a prayerful wish... i feel as though, with the help of my writings, here, i am holding myself accountable to my Intentions...
    my gratitude for all who are participating... :)