Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Birthday Wish I received & wish to Share with ALL my Valued Viewers

"We didn't come here to fit in.

We came here to Be who we are.

We didn't come here to simply work at a job.

We came here to Live our dreams.

We didn't come here for the Stuff.

We came here to Love each other.

We didn't come here by Accident!

We Each came here with a distinct Purpose
                  that is uniquely our own."

        B E
               D R E A M

                                     L O V E

                                                        T H R I VE

                 A  L  W  A  Y  S

Monday, November 15, 2010

A MUST SEE Documentary: "Inside Job" - playing now in seattle

I just viewed the much awaited documentary film, Inside Job, a documentary by Charles Ferguson.  OMG !!  An AMAZING documentary !!  First off, he is SO professional in his handling of his documentary... classy in his approach... and, you don't see him... you only hear him interview his subjects.

The photography is fantastic... yes, who would have 'thunk' that a documentary would have fabulous photography... well, much of it takes place in NYC...  as well as the origins of this story starting in Iceland, of all places !

I appreciated this film much more than the recent 'Wall Street' film because Ferguson really educates the viewer on how these Collateralized Debt Obligations  (various hedge funds) and other Wall Street Tricks are explained in very concrete terms and made understandable for the ordinary viewer who doesn't work on Wall Street. The film helps us laypeople understand what happened in terms we can understand.
I was AMAZED !

What stands out the most to me - in simplistic terms, our government is in bed with the financial institutions - or, if you will, the wolf has been appointed to stand guard over the hen house!  Yes, this wolf gets to eat whenever he wants...and as much as he wants - without repercussions - because he's NOT there to protect the hens!! (and, gasp... also true of our educational institutions.. frightful!)

Sadly (I've already been through the shock emotions) - those at the Top who are responsible for bringing down not only our national economy - but, also the rest of the world because we are all in this together as a global economy!!  Those responsible at the top are NOW (rewarded for creating disaster)  in top positions in our government creating financial policies...  favoring Guess Who ?    

This film truly makes an argument that these very individuals should be in prison instead of overseeing our financial policies in the Obama administration...(No Change here, that we were promised)  Other financial 'bandits' already in prison that had committed crimes (ie. Enron)  pale in comparison to the CEOs of these companies who bring down the economy of an entire nation... yet, these people are rewarded with Billions $$$ - or given positions in our current administration...

So many americans are struggling to either save their homes, pay for their things, make ends meet, work more hours, too many don't have the time or emotional energy to engage in grassroots change - so... WHOMEVER   C A N...
PLEASE  D O what you can DO!

Please visit this link:

Director Ferguson makes the case that the meltdown wasn't just an unfortunate accident, it was totally avoidable.