Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Representative's experience - "Knowing Field"

We do not live in isolation, though it often may feel that way. However, on a deep level, a soul level, we know that we are connected to each other, to our ancestors, to nature, to the universe.This “knowing field” is what we tap into to see the expanded view, to find the resources to create a new image in relation to our 'story'  when engaging in Constellations work. (a quote from Nancy Kehr)

A representative's experience:

Hi Nancy,
In reflecting on whether it's the Field or one's own mind...In my limited experience, I too have had thoughts while representing and wondered if I was being influenced by my mind.  I believe that the more you know about someone, the more "tuned in" you can be and that's not a bad thing, necessarily.   I have found it very helpful for me to practice our grounding technique of counting breaths as I represent.  This way if/when my mind interferes,  I let the thought pass and get right back to counting, which allows me to feel/listen to what is going on inside my body and then act on it.  
Feel free to share this if you like - J

A person has been selected by a member of the group to represent a person or a concept in this other person's life...

This person chosen to represent will typically begin by directing her/his attention to her current awareness within the body...bodily sensations (hot/cold; heavy/light ect) and feelings... (sad, scared, angry, content ect)

and then may begin to notice spatial relationships in relation to other representatives and what ever urge to move toward or away from

 internal images may also arise... more from embodied awareness than from rational thought

When less experienced in representing - people may often find themselves startled by their experience - feeling compelled by the body to move in a certain way or place

Ordinarily we are used to thinking about our experience...however, 'Thinking' tends to move us to analysis and may cause a missing of meaningful physical and emotional information... people new at representing may find it helpful to simply practice increasing connection with the body... and noticing when moving back into the head... come back to the body

The representative experience is, for the most part, a physical and emotional experience... movement may also be a part of the experience - the person representing may express (laugh or cry) the felt emotion or simply describe what they are feeling...
a person chosen to represent a member of a family system who holds secrets may feel "restrained"

A person representing may tend to enter a kind of 'trance-like' state - which is more connected with our Right brain (intuition) rather than our left (logic & reason)...  For many, this is, initially, an unfamiliar place to be - so may be initially uncomfortable in it's unfamiliarity - when we're used to 'knowing' with our linear brain

In Right brain - our boundaries become less rigid - we are more open to receiving impressions - and experiencing of feelings and interconnectedness rather than the usual sense of separateness

Constellations work challenges our ordinary way of 'knowing' (logic) and of believing (in separation)... and opens us to increased connection with ourselves and others

At the moment of being chosen to represent another... a connection is formed... sometimes individuals even seem to sense that they are going to be chosen to represent before the person actually picks them

The person who is picked to represent tends to have similar issues and energy as the person they are picked to represent (this fact is unconsciously felt by the client selecting her representatives). So, the person representing may gain insight into her own issues in this representing of another

Representatives experience feelings and emotions that belong to the person or thing which they are representing - constellations work shows us that, contrary to our beliefs, feelings don't belong to us - they move through... and can/will simply disappear - like clouds that appear and disappear

Our left brain may find it hard to believe that one can NOT 'make a mistake' representing

Truth illustrated through constellations work is a metaphor to be experienced... a means of understanding a path from tension and entanglement - moving into more balance and freedom.
"Fields" are areas of interconnectedness such as fields of study, occupational fields, our family fields... There is a field that connects all of life. Scientists call it the morphogenic field, philosophers refer to the universal consciousness. It is not subject to time or distance and in effect does not adhere to any of our physical laws. This field is a repository for memories; experiences; and great knowledge that goes back to the beginning of what we call time….this is the “knowing field”.

our ancestors
our ancestors
constellations work
constellations work