Friday, September 30, 2011


What you may wish to know about freedom from entrapment by the mind – by thought.... for further discussion together...

It has long been said that thought is the source of all our suffering. However, we believe it is the SITUATION that is causing our suffering. If we truly look at it, though,  it is our THOUGHT  ABOUT the situation, not the actual situation, itself. Whatever situation is occurring... and we think a negative thought about it... this is what harms us...  the Thought -   consider:
  • I'm not good enough
  • What is she/he thinking about me?
  • She/he is probably angry with me
  • I hope I don't make a mistake
  • She didn't call me back
  • That company is probably not interested in me
  • I'm fat
    I'm stress out... overwhelmed
    I can't Stand this...person... situation... weather...
    He/she is smarter than me – I don't fit in
    I can't believe he's Doing that! 
    I will have to fight til the end!

    Where do thoughts come from?
    You say: they come from the brain.
    But, do you Know that for a fact?
    The thought that arises: “I'm not doing this well enough” - or other negative thoughts that come up about you -
    How did this thought arise?
    Did I actually make this thought arise? Did you DECIDE to think this thought?
    We have beliefs that I thought this thought. Really?? Does it make sense that you chronically WANT to think badly about yourself?  or... the chronic self-doubt... that's also a Thought... 

    What if you consider thoughts to be like clouds – or farts simply passing by... and then evaporating into thin air. They come – then they go.

    Consider this:

    AWARENESS (or Presence) simply Exists – think of AWARENESS as a movie screen at the theater

    Thoughts / Emotions / Experiences / Sensations are “Appearances” (things that Appear) – that merely

    cross the movie screen and then disappear. They come and they go – like clouds or farts.

    If we simply allowed these Appearances to come and go, we would be much more free. However, we ATTACH ourselves to the thoughts, emotions, experiences. Unwittingly, we may cling to particular negative thoughts--about ourself... about the world... these negative thoughts become habits, and over time, form our world view... we know people who see a "half-empty" glass, or frequently pessimistic, fearful...

    We judge our experiences as Good or Bad. We get delighted and want more of it – or we get upset that we have any of it. Experiences that we don't like – we think: This shouldn't be happening. He shouldn't be doing this – or she should do that. (In fact, in these 'shoulds/shouldn'ts, we are Arguing with Reality)

    These are examples of being Attached to an Appearance – rather than NOTICING the experience or thought with detachment and allowing the Appearance to come and go.

    When a useless thought passes the screen of my mind, I notice it and I will say >> Oh, here's an Appearance passing through Awareness. I will let it go!

    What will assist our Noticing and Detaching from these negative thoughts & feelings?

    Consider practicing 'Resting in Awareness' – at any moment you remember to do so that is convenient – by Focusing On Your Breathe – and simultaneously bringing Awareness of Sensation in the Center of your Chest

    (Sensation may be enhanced by initially placing your finger on the center of your chest). See what is Noticed in these moments of Resting in Awareness-- Notice that all that is present is Awareness of the Present Moment.

    When there is No Thought, there is No Story of the past, or of the future, or even of ME.
    There is Only the Present Moment.  NOW.

    We are not trying to Get Rid of thoughts... rather, become Aware of them and NON-attach. So many of the thoughts that occur are unnecessary and even upsetting. We can discard unnecessary thoughts by Being in the Present Moment.... at Any Moment we remember to do so...

    Try Resting in Awareness in the grocery line, waiting at the red light... for example...
    This is Being in the Present Moment

    See for yourself and share your experience with us.

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