Monday, October 10, 2011


The path toward freedom includes understanding the ego – that paper mache creation from our childhood... since our infancy, we are taught – first by our parents, then by our school teachers, and by our church, and by our society – including the social class into which we were born – we are taught: Who we are, How we should be, What we should believe (in order to fit in), Who we should love, What we should fear, Who we should shun, … this list goes on and on...and so, too... the increasing layers of paper mache... covering over that which is Essential in us...

We are creating our own personal story – in our families – which includes the story of our parents/grandparents/siblings or no siblings; what “happened to us” in our childhood – all of this perceiving of experiences creates our paper mache ego, layer by layer, year after year. You may be surprised to hear that ALL of this is what we Learned, what we were Taught – and, Not who we Truly ARE.  Who we Truly are >> the Essential being is covered over by this paper mache layering. The paper mache layering is created from our perceptions of our experiences and what others have taught us....told us to think and believe. It is manufactured, therefore, NOT the Essence of our being.
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