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Working With Intention -

My Notes about Working with Intention from Vivian's trauma workshop: (this information below includes NOTHING  about other participants' individual work)

What information seeker discloses in the 'chair' is equally important as the constellation – the seeker's telling of the back-story helps them get in touch with the trauma that occurred so as to begin the process.

Our culture denies the occurrence of trauma unless it is on the scale of  9/11. Childhood trauma is not recognized.
Trauma is an experience of powerlessness – where there is Nothing that could be done (as a child).
...the child Freezes, Dissociates, Splits off from itself...

Seeker's INTENTION is actually a part of her/himself – illustrating possible projections, can turn into unconscious opposite sides of oneself like anger, rage, aggression, powerlessness – feelings that have been buried

The original trauma(s) are frozen in time and needs to be allowed up into consciousness to release.
Trauma occurred when we were Powerless as a child in a situation.
Our sense of powerlessness is unbearable as a child – we find survival strategies to cope.
Not being 'seen' or 'heard' as a child – anger, or feeling 'what's the use' may be a survival strategy.

Trauma is held in the body.
How much is the Cost to us for not fully feeling Alive –due to inability to embrace the cut-off parts of self?

Fear of feeling the pain in the traumatized part of self – we do anything to Not connect – to Avoid – to Not see- therefore, we are Not allowing ourselves to see a part of ourselves that feels Isolated, Alone,Needy for Connection !
Therefore, everything we experience, express in dissatisfaction... is about US... the disowned parts.

Trauma seriously disrupts our ability to Trust ourselves, our feelings, what belongs to me & to the other – and understanding our experiences.

Parents who are traumatized are UNABLE to be trustworthy!

The seeker's Intention tends to be a blend of the survival, the Healthy &traumatized parts of self

Seeker beginning to connect more deeply with the Healthy part of themselves via the Intention.

Possible Intentions are to see, feel, touch in to - whatever one realizes has been keeping them from living life fully and alive  and putting this recognition into their own words as an Intention for the constellation.

Knowing the 'Story' is less relevant for the representatives – Instead:tuning in to the experience in the body as representatives –physically, emotionally – is the key! The body shows us where the entanglements in the trauma live. Representatives letting go of their mind and Trusting their bodily experiences, feelings & expression without suppression, fear, doubt or embarrassment.

For seeker to Look into the Face of their own traumatized child part –embracing this part is the beginning of integration... autonomy...True Self

Becoming familiar with our survival strategies so we Realize this is NOT me...(impatience, irritation, judgmental are all aspects of persecutor—victim in oneself)

When you see something presented outside yourself (constellation) &are able to acknowledge this is YOUR inner world – and accept it...bring it into consciousness—then can be the beginning of release of inner tension that has been tightly held.

As we start to see the Truth – the survival strategies begin to fall away.
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