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I have been given permission to share these intimate experiences of others with the Invisible world, anonymously, for the purpose of promoting awareness of a means of tapping into the wisdom of our bodies that offers us loving, unfettered guidance. Here, working with INTENTION, we experience a pure, unadulterated intuitive Knowing from our Being beyond the 'rational', linear mind and its 'aughts' and 'shoulds' and fears.

I enjoy utilizing several modalities with Seekers:  
  • working with Stones as representatives (representing an issue, a goal, another person in their lives); 
  • working with hidden information written on paper and including a stone; 
  • working with other humans as representatives setting up an Intention in a group setting...

Working with Paper and Stones

ONE EXAMPLE: Seeker experiences sense of stuckness for a number of months in the comforts of the status quo and believing the lies in the head generating fear of stepping out vs taking a step forward out of the comfort zone and first experiencing and then exposing the fears as lies. Seeker is NOT informed which paper has which statement written on it - it will be folded and another paper will cover it as well - then seeker will select a stone for that paper, placing it on top.

On one paper is written:   Protect the fears by avoiding new growth experiences - Seeker chose a beige smooth stone and placed on the folded paper.

On the other paper is written: Address fears by moving forward in new experiences - Seeker chose a green stone and placed on the folded paper.

Next, Seeker grounds and collects self - then stood on one paper with shoes off - holding the stone in hand -
Seeker commented: "This stone feels initially cold but warmed up quickly... and I feel a tingle in my face. Then, feeling a sense of "exhale relief"

Seeker grounded again, then, stepping to the second paper and picked up the stone, commenting: "This stone felt warm at first, but then it feels shallow, no depth... not noticing any other sensations - feels flat."

OUTCOME: Seeker was asked to choose which place he felt resonance with. He chose the first place - and then read the choice of his folded paper. Client read that his body chose 'New Experiences'

SECOND SITUATION: Dilemma facing several difficult choices: Seeker's role in the family has been as 'responsible one' . Presently feeling compelled to make big life decisions. Family business in trouble, Seeker feeling sense of loyalty and obligation to save the situation. Seeker realizing it's Uncle's responsibility now "but 99% of me feels that I need to step in and save the business."

One of Seeker's choices written on one paper: 'Let whatever happens to the business happen'.
On second paper Seeker writes: 'Wait and see what Uncle does'.
On third paper Seeker writes: 'Step in and sell the business'.

The papers are folded, covered and Seeker selects and places stones over each paper without knowing which is which.

Seeker stands on one paper - holds stone - states: "I feel a sense of heaviness here - like, 'it's too much', too complicated. Her body feels cold. (She learns after that she is standing on the paper that says 'Sell the business'.

Standing on the next paper, holding the stone - states: "I don't feel much of anything but a slight nervousness, uneasy."

OUTCOME:  Standing on the third paper, holding the stone - states: "This stone warmed up quickly in my hands. I feel calm and peaceful standing here. My body feels good here". -- Seeker picked up the folded paper at feet and it read: 'Let whatever happens happen'. Upon reading this, seeker expressed sense of relief. Seeker read the first paper  where her body had felt heavy. That paper read, 'Step in and sell  the business'. Seeker recalled the innate sense of  'too complicated' when standing on that place.
Seeker states amazement that body realized the right choice for self that was exactly the opposite of what the mind 'thought should be done'. Yet, in this moment, the the 'rightness' of letting it go.

Working with People as Representatives - with Intention

SITUATION: A Seeker working on setting boundaries and creating healthy separate self from parent as well as detaching from inner critic.
Seeker selects a man to represent her Intention: to see what is in her way from having healthy boundaries with her mother and feel less oppressed by her 'inner critic' (survivor part of self). Seeker selects a woman to represent her mother; Seeker represented herself.

The mother representative was leaning on seeker in an intrusive manner of which the seeker felt  quite familiar. The male representative for the Intention tuning in to his body stated to mother and Seeker: 'You have to do better! It's just not good enough" (rather apologetically as making such a statement was not in his actual nature).

Just at that moment a participant of the circle familiar with constellations work arrived in the midst of this constellation - entered the room and the facilitator asked if she would be willing to represent the seeker's grandmother. As this occurred, tuning in to her body - the 'grandmother' representative, folding her arms across her chest with an apparent look of disdain and, looking at the two women, stated: "I'm disappointed in you. You could do better!" This late arriving participant had no knowledge of what had come just before she had entered the room - yet her body was able to pick up and tune in to the energy of the Field.

OUTCOME: The seeker was shown just what she needed to see for her own next step. She reported a month later that subsequently she has been experiencing dramatic inner shifts and receiving feedback from others close to her that something seemed different about her. Seeker reported feeling a genuine sense of openness to the world and experiences around her.

SITUATION:  A Seeker's Intention:  to work on valuing himself and his capabilities more than he currently does.
Seeker selects a representative for his Intention - increased self valuation - and he stands as himself - and, together, he and the representative for his Intention find their place in relation to each other. The representative for his Intention moves away from the Client - as far away in the room as possible. Seeker appears perplexed and unsure. A representative for the child-part of Seeker is selected and finds his place in the scene. The child-part of the seeker refuses to be 'looked at' by the seeker - the child-part conveys anxiety and panicy feelings. When a representative for the seeker's mother was brought in to the scene, the energy began to shift.

OUTCOME: More unfolded in this constellation as the representative for the seeker's mother entered - however, what was demonstrated was the next step for seeker in establishing a more conscious relationship with his own inner, traumatised child part. He expressed his realization that his life was out of balance - too outer focused.
Seeker expressed seeing something played out, externally via the constellation, that might have taken him very much longer to come to realize on his own. 

Utilizing Stones as Representatives for issues and other people

Seeker's experience: "During this session it became very clear to me that I have ignored and rejected the child part of me for a long time.  After working with Nancy and the stones, I became aware of something...the child part of me feels what my mother must have felt growing up in poverty and pregnant at 14,... unnoticed, ignored, rejected.  I placed the child part representative next to me, but not touching or facing me. I placed my mother's mother near her, but not touching or facing her.   I believed as a child, I "unconsciously" felt unnoticed, ignored and rejected by my mother. Very similar to what my mother could have felt.  I don't know, because we've never talked about how she felt as a child.   Nancy asked me to talk to the child part of me...acknowledge her, listen to her. I did, I told her, "I love you and I will acknowledge you."  It was pretty intense and emotional.  At the end of the session I had a real sense of peace.  I want to give the child part of me the attention and love that she perceived herself to be missing, I see that I need to give that to her now. Wow, this is big!"

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