Monday, September 6, 2010

Today appears to be a good day to reflect on Attitude toward Time - and - boredom. It's a national holiday falling on a Monday--and it's raining; some business establishments are closed. Maybe folks have decided to go see a movie, or go shopping--spending some Time. I find that when the weather changes significantly in one day, my energy level can be affected. (It's been explained to me that negative ions--found at the ocean--energize us; and positive ions can feel draining.)

Today I don't feel like going out. Knowing that one of my grocery stores would be closed today - and the banks closed, my usual routine would be shifted. I wasn't in a hurry to 'get going'. I responded to e-mail, talked to some friends on the phone. Then, I asked myself: "What needs to be done?." After having been sitting for a few hours, I could tell my body need to move - be moved.

All the items that had been 'calling' to me all week to be dealt with could now have my attention. I started with my kitchen counter tops where papers like to co-mingle with each other--as well as other items that get 'temporarily' laid down & left. Next, I attended to my table that doubles as a work space and receiver of mail. Slowly and methodically throwing away or filing. No rush. Moving in a circle from room to room. The laundry called. I thought I was too tired to put the new sheets on the bed - but then I find myself doing just that. With the task complete, I step back for a brief moment to appreciate the new state of my bed and a completion.

I pay attention to the time because on days such as this, I can forget to eat. I just heard a trainer at the gym say that when we go too many hours without eating, our body holds on to the fat. However, by eating small amounts of healthy food - every 3.5 hours, it's better for the body (and the fat problems). So, I take a few moments to be Present to the experience of ingesting some nutrients.

Clothes get put away that like to pile up on a chair. Then, I think: I need to change centers --  I've been moving for the last few hours; I'd like to sit down and use my mind for awhile.When one center becomes depleted of energy, we can change to a different center and find plenty of energy there. Which I find true - as I reflect on what I'm wanting to share in this blog.

Gratefully, I don't find myself bored - even though it's a low-key day and my energy is not abound as it was during yesterday's sunshine, I seem to have just enough energy - or is it really motivation(which I think might also have to do with our mental state) to accomplish a number of small task that I know the outcome of which will be quite satisfying to me.

What did you notice about your experience of this rainy, holiday Monday?

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  1. Thanks for your post, Nancy, however, I'm in the state of mind lately that we humans spend way too much money and time continually trying to "fix" ourselves. Maybe down the road I'll do
    one of these workshops. In the meantime I'll acknowledge and rewrite any self-defeating stories, for now I just want to "be" who I am with all my idiosyncrasies. Today is 'what it is' and I can work with that. And, I'm just speaking for myself :)